Recipe: Gluten Free Coconut Oatmeal Lace Cookies


The Healthy Maven’s sweet, crunchy coconut oatmeal lace cookies are made using only simple ingredients such as rolled oats and unsweetened coconut flakes. Turn this sweet treat into a quick nutritious breakfast by crumbling it on top of nonfat, plain Greek yogurt served with a side of fresh fruit.

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Jay Lynch adds: At 184 calories per nine-cookie serving, this sweet treat is tempting! I like coconut in most anything, so these crisps could become a frequent preference around my house.


Start Walking Plan


The start walking plan will help you get in the habit of regular exercise and will lay the foundation so you can become a runner. With this seven-week plan, you can build up to and beyond 150 minutes per week of exercise – the amount that experts recommend to prevent illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. Each week includes four workouts with an option to do a fifth workout. The plan starts with a 15-minute walk and builds gradually, so that by the end of the program you will be able to walk for 60 minutes without stopping.

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8 Habits of Happy, Healthy, and Successful People


happy successful woman

Simple behaviors that are committed to over time can yield enormous results.

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Jay Lynch adds: I’ve read my share of tips lists on habits in my lifetime, but this list stands out. I think it’s because the advice is not like the others.

Tip #1 is an example: ”

1. Pray or meditate morning, midday, and night.

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”–Stephen R. Covey

How do you determine if you’re going in the right direction?

If you neglect prayer and mediation, it doesn’t matter how smart or productive you are. Being productive at the wrong things isn’t helpful. Get clarity, so the steps you take are in the right direction.”

And the conclusion is just as inspiring, so check it out!



7 Secrets to Learning a New Language: TED Translators Tell How


We asked some of the polyglots in TED’s Open Translation Project to share their secrets to mastering a foreign language.

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Jay Lynch adds: Learning a new language adds a new dynamic to your life and promotes inner happiness. But how to learn a language and how to teach it is an ongoing struggle for anyone who wants to learn or teach a language. Whether it’s methodology or style, both affect the end result.

Within this article the following seven main points are made:

  1. Get Real
  2. Make language-learning a lifestyle change
  3. Play house with the language
  4. Let technology help you out
  5. Think about language-learning as a gateway to new experiences
  6. Make new friends
  7. Do not worry about making mistakes

I like these principles since they are more than mere memorization exercises.

Source: TEDBlog


10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life


Practical daily things to bring real positive change in your life.

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Jay Lynch adds: These ten recommendations are good to remember because they are not the usual run-of-the-mill suggestions. The author revealed himself openly, which is Tip #10: Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable. Another, Tip #8: Live in a Different City at Least Once in Your Life is one that I could identify with. I experienced the benefits of growing accustom to a new city, job, and lifestyle over a period of 18 1/2 years, and even though they were difficult years at times my family still favors that period in our lives.

Tip #2: Invest in Clothes That Fit rings true with me because my family roots are deep in the clothing business. I know the value of investment dressing. Not only will you look and feel better about yourself, the likelihood of the clothes outlasting the other items of lower quality in your wardrobe is significant.

I hope you, too, will find value in this article and will take the 10 recommendations to heart to make beneficial changes in your life.


Exercise Makes Our Muscles Work Better With Age


A study of athletes in their 80s found that on a cellular level, their muscles resembled those of people decades younger.

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Jay Lynch adds: The more thorough explanation of what happens to our muscles as we age was great for me as a middle-aged person with an ambulatory disability. I have often wondered why my muscles would not do what I requested, just as they did when I was a younger man.

If you have an interest in the topic I believe you’ll enjoy this piece.



A marketing professor explains why so many smart people aren’t happy


Being better educated, richer, or more accomplished doesn’t do much to predict whether someone will be happy.

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Jay Lynch adds: I really enjoyed this article because for anyone who is in pursuit of self-improvement and success, the euphoric feeling that you get after accomplishing something, and before reaching a plateau that follows, there is a let down. Amid the letdown you know that happiness is fleeting. What does it take to be happy? The following is from this article inside:

“There are expectations that if you achieve some given thing, you’re going to be happy. But it turns out that’s not true. And a large part of that is due to adaptation, but a large part of it also is that you see this mountain in front of you and you want to climb over it. And when you do, it turns out there are more mountains to climb.” I think this hits the issue on the proverbial head. There is always more in the pursuit of happiness and other hurdles to overcome to be “happy.” Happiness must be found in the journey, not the destination.

Continuing from the article, “Everybody’s got some kind of a belief about whether good things are going to happen or bad things are going to happen. There’s no way to scientifically prove that one of these beliefs is more accurate than another. But if you believe life is benign, you’re going to see lots of evidence for it.

If you think life is malign, you’re going to see lots of evidence for it. It’s kind of like a placebo effect. Given that all of these beliefs are all equally valid, why not adopt the belief that is going to be more useful to you in your life as you go along?”

I agree 100% with Dr.Raj Raghunathan’s findings. I say it’s all between your ears, it’s how and what you think.



8 Ways Successful People Beat Procrastination


We all procrastinate, but the truly successful have the tools to get past it and get to work.

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Jay Lynch adds: Beating procrastination is like overcoming any self-damaging habit, habits like smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, gluttony, etc. because of the productivity killing grip that it inflicts. It is an awful feeling to stare at a still uncompleted task, knowing that valuable time was spent (wasted) while, in fact, nothing of real value was gained in return.

This article offers practical solutions that go beyond the overused “just do it,” because to a procrastinator there may not perceived to be any real consequence for not just doing it. Procrastination is a selfish decision on two fronts: one that is good, and one that is not. Because the consequence(s) of procrastinating may not be fully weighed on one hand, and on the other it is selfish because all the benefits of overcoming the procrastination are realized by the procrastinator, and the benefit of reaping the rewards are associated with completing the task.


5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves Daily to Achieve Success


man in hammock drawing

Constant improvement is not easy. Whether it is a skill, a positive quality, or a way of life you are looking to cultivate, staying on the positive side of the growth curve takes work.

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Jay Lynch adds: I like the introspective look this article emphasizes, because the only way to make changes in your life is honesty with yourself and recognizing what needs to change for self betterment. It’s not an easy process, hence the reason why few people embrace a path of self-improvement.


Your Healthy Lifestyle Won’t Necessarily Make You Healthier


Public health researchers are beginning to see that changes in how you live are no guarantee of changes in your health.

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Jay Lynch adds: After reading this article numerous times I was still left wanting for the summary point, which ideally would include recommendations for a solution, but I never found them. It was filled with examples of how we consume the knowledge, which hopefully would lead to action-taking, and that lifestyle change as the foundation for shaping one’s future health, but yet the warnings go unheeded.

My view is that everything begins with your thinking. Not until your thinking shifts will action occur, and only then will change follow, and hopefully it will be changes for the better. Then, and only then will external solutions take effect that can shape your future health status as you desire. This is the reason why I have combined self-improvement with weight loss and healthy living as the focus of this website.

Does that make sense to you? Leave your comment below and tell me, please.


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