12 Less Obvious Books That Can Help You Deal With Anxiety


These books are noted by five editors and writers who deal with anxiety themselves.

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Jay Lynch adds: These book recommendations are by editors and writers who deal with their own illness of anxiety. Their picks certainly seem more credible as a result, and from what I read in the article the perspectives and observations are very informative.

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Why adult coloring books are good for you




Once obscure, adult coloring books have reached new levels of popularity. But do you know exactly why a page and some pencils can do your mind some good?

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Jay Lynch adds: Adult coloring books have become very popular recently. The benefits of creativity, relaxation, therapy, mental health, and enjoyment are huge!

Read more to explore the psychology and science behind this phenomenon. Learn how you, too, can enjoy Mandala Happiness as taught by my friend, Bruce Jones. Buy the book on Amazon.com by clicking on the Amazon advertisement link at the top of this page now.

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This study 40 years ago could have reshaped the American diet. But it was never fully published.


A fuller accounting of the results of a massive government-funded experiment on fatty foods challenges the conventional advice about what is healthy, and what is not.

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Jay Lynch adds: This interests me because it’s a lot like the movie Back to the Future, what would we have done differently had we known? If the results of this extensive study had been published would we have taken the advice?

If one of the dynamics that led to not releasing the information in the first place was that it went against popular beliefs, could society have been educated and persuaded enough to change? I would like to think so, but I doubt it.

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6 healthy food and drink hacks that will help ramp up your health and wellness


Sometimes it’s the little changes that make the biggest impact to our overall health.

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Jay Lynch adds: These six simple nutrition ideas are good to remember because they are not unreasonable. I will file this one away for future use when looking for something  to pass along to a friend, especially when I want to be sure I’m sharing something of value.

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Chocolate Silk Pie for the Vegan


This creamy chocolate pie has a bit of cayenne pepper and almond milk is topped with a semisweet chocolate ganache and sits atop a crunchy graham cracker crust.

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Jay Lynch adds: This recipe is by a biomedical engineer who is vegan and loves to cook. By reviewing the recipe I would be tempted to try it because of the interesting ingredients such as tofu and cayenne pepper, as an example.

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Rewarding your child with food when they behave ‘can trigger obesity’ 


Experts at Aston, Loughborough and Birmingham universities warned that emotional eating when a person is stressed is linked to increased risk of eating disorders and obesity.

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Jay Lynch adds: We all learn from the world around us. Kids learn from the world around them, and especially from influential people in their lives, such as their family. Is rewarding them with treats when they behave favorably really a reward, or is it the way emotional eating begins? The story inside addresses the matter.

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Why bingeing on health foods won’t boost your immune system


running women on the beach

There are only two ways the human body can deal with invading pathogens and infections – and neither involves vitamins or ‘superfoods’.

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Jay Lynch adds: I am glad to know that my suspicions may have not been totally unfounded. I’ve wondered how the immune system could be boosted by one supplement or food type. Here is the comment you’ll find in this article:

““People have this idea that the immune system is some kind of internal force field that can be boosted or patched up,” says Charles Bangham, a professor of immunology and infectious diseases at Imperial College London. “This couldn’t be further from the truth. As the name suggests it’s not a single thing but a system incorporating many organs and biological functions.”

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Research Results: Maple Syrup Could Protect Against Alzheimer’s



maple syrup

It is one of Canada’s most famous and sweetest exports, and now it’s gaining recognition in the medical community for its potential health benefits. Dementia is a devastating diagnosis that could be lessened by enjoying maple syrup.

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Jay Lynch adds: From this article, “We already know that maple has more than 100 bioactive compounds, some of which have anti-inflammatory properties. Brain health is the latest topic of exploration and we look forward to learning more about the potential benefits that maple syrup might have in this area.”

I love it when research scientists discover the unforeseen benefits of products that we use routinely, like maple syrup. Who would’ve thought that maple syrup could be beneficial in the fight against dementia?

Source: www.ctvnews.ca

Full-fat dairy ‘reduces risk of diabetes by 46%” 


Tufts University scientists analyzed 3,333 adults over 15 years and found those who had higher levels of whole-fat dairy were 46 per cent less likely to develop diabetes than those who has lower levels.

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Jay Lynch adds: It frustrates me when I hear an announcement like this, that “full-fat dairy reduces risk of diabetes,” but it’s not that I don’t like the information. It just seems sometimes what was known to be bad before is proven to not be bad now. Like caffeine or butter or sugar or salt. All things in moderation.

I think we will continue to see more discoveries like this as a result of technological advancements. We live in exciting times that are full of surprises, and I believe a relaxed attitude of wonderment will prevent a lot of anxiety that can result from rapid change.

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Is Exercise the Key to Preventing Alzheimer’s?


Scientists from University of Pittsburgh and University of California, Los Angeles revealed exercise increases the amount of gray matter in areas of the brain tied to memory and cognition.

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Jay Lynch adds: I found this excellent article on the benefits of any exercise and the effect it can have on the stages of Alzheimer’s. Activities that are beneficial for the body also benefit the brain.

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The One Exercise You Should Be Doing Every Day


yoga pretzel

Compared to pretzel girl above, it’s simple: A yoga squat. It’s a great exercise to open up your hip flexors after sitting all day. Get up from your desk every hour, go for a short walk, and then do a quick yoga squat.

Watch a video demonstration of a yoga squat

Jay Lynch adds: Not to be confused with the pretzel configuration shown above, I like tips like this that provide simple ways to better your health, that are convenient and do not take a lot of time out of your day. Although doing a yoga squat is not as simple as it sounds, learning to do a yoga squat can be very beneficial.

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Using the Arts to Promote Healthy Aging


Music, dance, poetry, painting and other arts are pumping new life into older minds and bodies. A National Endowment for the Arts sponsored study showed that when older people become involved in culturally enriching programs, they experience a decline in depression, are less likely to fall and pay fewer visits to the doctor.

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Jay Lynch adds: The transformation in the way senior citizens are being cared for is remarkable. I believe this type of change will play a large part in how successful we are in managing the burgeoning number of seniors in America. The mental and physical benefits are too many to ignore.

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Guy Winch, PhD, Tells How to Nourish Your Self-Esteem



happy young man

The trick to improving self-esteem is knowing which actions will make you feel better instead of worse. It’s not an issue that can be resolved with a quick fix.

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Jay Lynch adds:  I like this article. It addresses a number of issues from a practical, up-front perspective. In particular, this statement stood out to me:

“Indeed, self-esteem has to be nourished. If we want to feel good about ourselves, we have to do things that actually make us feel proud, accomplished, appreciated, respected, empowered, or take steps that make us feel we’re advancing toward our goals. John was doing none of these things.”

I agree that merely reciting empty positive statements will produce little without the underlying accomplishment to support the fulfillment of such statements. But alternatively I disagree because what may be today an empty affirmation will never become a substantiated belief that will bring about the fulfillment of that belief if it is not nurtured, and exercised, and acted upon. Everything begins with thought, and thoughts become beliefs, and beliefs are the foundation for actions.

Source: www.psychologytoday.com

Vegan Recipe: Mexican Chocolate Doughnuts


These doughnuts are fluffy, slightly moist, and have an incredible Mexican chocolate flavor. The richness of Mexican chocolate permeating this Vegan recipe make this alternative way of cooking very attractive.

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Jay Lynch adds: I like chocolate in just about any form, and these delicious looking treats can sway a non-vegan like myself. All the recipes included in the article are quite enticing.

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