How to Choose Your Battles and Win the Big War

From this article: “A while back, I met this guy who was weirdly negative and filled with contempt for others. Even though he is highly successful by conventional terms — he has built successful businesses and is a multi-millionaire — he kept putting people down with every other statement made.

For example, after knowing that I coach and blog, he began to put down my profession, saying that it could never be as lucrative as running a large company like him. He constantly bragged about his accomplishments with every statement he made, including bragging about the attention he got from women. He would indirectly insult me with every other comment. And then when he wasn’t throwing shade or complimenting himself, he was putting others down by speaking ill of them — people he knew personally and was associated with.

Thrown off by his behavior, I didn’t retaliate but acted normally.”

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Jay Lynch adds: Undoubtedly, choosing  your battles is critical in the rearing of children. But this excellent article discusses the importance of  choosing your battles in your interpersonal communications, as well as other aspects of your personal development, your pursuit of accomplishments, your success motivation, and many other fundamental aspects of your life.

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