Guy Winch, PhD, Tells How to Nourish Your Self-Esteem


happy young man

The trick to improving self-esteem is knowing which actions will make you feel better instead of worse. It’s not an issue that can be resolved with a quick fix.

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Jay Lynch adds:  I like this article. It addresses a number of issues from a practical, up-front perspective. In particular, this statement stood out to me:

“Indeed, self-esteem has to be nourished. If we want to feel good about ourselves, we have to do things that actually make us feel proud, accomplished, appreciated, respected, empowered, or take steps that make us feel we’re advancing toward our goals. John was doing none of these things.”

I agree that merely reciting empty positive statements will produce little without the underlying accomplishment to support the fulfillment of such statements. But alternatively I disagree because what may be today an empty affirmation will never become a substantiated belief that will bring about the fulfillment of that belief if it is not nurtured, and exercised, and acted upon. Everything begins with thought, and thoughts become beliefs, and beliefs are the foundation for actions.


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