Oprah’s New Meditation Guide Aims to Help People Lose Weight

The 62-year-old announced her latest meditation program with Deepak Chopra. The 21-day program will include 20-minute guided meditations by Oprah and Deepak.

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Jay Lynch adds: Yoga has become a prominent part of many popular workout
routines. It’s commonly touted as a cure for everything from stiff joints to breathing problems. But will yoga help you lose weight?

Sitting on a mat and meditating seems counter-intuitive to someone who wants to build strength and shed pounds.

But, despite common misconceptions, you only get to lay down on the mat after you’ve earned it by holding challenging postures and flowing through diverse movements.

Yoga has been given a thoroughly modern makeover. Now you can work up a sweat while you learn to get your body and mind in sync.

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