7 Secrets to Learning a New Language: TED Translators Tell How

We asked some of the polyglots in TED’s Open Translation Project to share their secrets to mastering a foreign language.

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Jay Lynch adds: Learning a new language adds a new dynamic to your life and promotes inner happiness. But how to learn a language and how to teach it is an ongoing struggle for anyone who wants to learn or teach a language. Whether it’s methodology or style, both affect the end result.

Within this article the following seven main points are made:

  1. Get Real
  2. Make language-learning a lifestyle change
  3. Play house with the language
  4. Let technology help you out
  5. Think about language-learning as a gateway to new experiences
  6. Make new friends
  7. Do not worry about making mistakes

I like these principles since they are more than mere memorization exercises.

Source: TEDBlog


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