10 Daily Habits Of Happy People

Only one in three Americans consider themselves “very happy.” One in ten takes an antidepressant like Prozac or Zoloft. Obviously a lot of us could be a whole lot happier than we are.

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Jay Lynch adds: I identified with this statement made within this article: “They understand the difference between immediate gratification versus the satisfaction of achieving long-term goals. They realize that downing a pint of ice cream will only make them happy for a few minutes, but maintaining a healthy weight that makes them look good and feel great is the kind of long-term happiness they really want.”

Learning to sustain my happiness during the times of delaying immediate gratification is always difficult for me. I typically do not like to wait, especially when I know I can do something to make the desired outcome happen faster. Is this a dilemma that everyone faces, or is it only a certain personality type that is anxious?

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