Resolve To Improve Each Day in 2017


New year’s resolutions are tempting to make, and they are even more tempting to forget. In spite of the insatiable appetite our society has for self-improvement and excellence, good habits just seem hard to acquire.


With the beginning of each new year, we seem compelled to conquer the past by focusing on the future in at least one resolution. For many, making a new year’s resolution is like being stuck in a time warp. Resolutions are repeated year after year, hoping for the change we have a habit of resisting. The outcome is often the same: Nothing changes.

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Jay Lynch adds: I like this article because Dr. McDonald’s recommendations are realistic and make sense; they are doable. Resolutions for a new year a generally wasted mental energy bordering on brain damage. Sometimes they stick, most times they don’t, but please keep in mind I’m speaking for myself. If you’re experience with New Year’s resolutions has been different, please leave a comment below and describe your success.

Source: The Daily News, Memphis, Tennessee

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